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The traditional quarry in Jondal, Hardanger


Prof Wall Stones come in different depths and are worked with by us in the quarry so that it is easier to build with.
All stones are sorted by hand, quality controlled and placed on pallets. (the sizes are +/- 1 cm) 
Prof Rustic is selected lighter grey stones mixed with a higher persentage of brown and rust coloured stones than the Prof Normal selection.  This product cn only be bought direct from Solesnes Stein As 
6 - 10 cm deep: Mostly used for stone facing both inside and out.
10 – 15 cm deep: Mostly used for double walls, stone facing both inside and out.
15 – 30 cm deep:Mostly used for stone facing outside, double walls and single support wall outside up to 1,5 m high.
Proff Rustic Corner Stone, this is available in all depths of stone and is sold per length/height meter.
Prof Rustic 6 - 10 cm, 10 - 15 cm and 15 – 30 cm deep: (10)